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Reader preference pattern analysis delivers more personalized contact and drives deeper engagement

More visibility into readers’ preferences means we can provide a more engaging experience and provide more exposure — and profitability — for our advertisers.”

Justyna Duszyńska, head of advertising sales


Based in Krakow, Poland, and founded in 1996, Grupa S.A. (Onet) is a privately held online publisher that focuses on information, entertainment, communication, mobile and online advertising. The company’s platform supports online dating services, blogs, video-ondemand (VOD) and other online activities.

Business need
To engage readers and get them to spend more time on its site, Grupa S.A. needed to provide them with content they could care about. The challenge was to create and maintain a profile based on user content preferences that could be complex, constantly in flux and vary by situation.

Onet built a series of preference models that analyze user behavior dynamically, and then it created a segmentation scheme that serves as a framework for personalized content delivery. Starting with a core of subject matter interests, the model fills out the nuances of reader behavior — such as how preferences and behaviors may vary based on place, time of day and type of device employed by the reader — so that content grabs and keeps attention.

Onet has experienced a substantial increase in the number of page views across all of its digital properties while substantially reducing the average amount of time spent by users on a single page. With users devoting more of their time to interacting with content on the Onet site, the publishers behind that content have been able to generate more advertising revenue. Onet’s improved ability to offer targeted, personalized content is also encouraging more return visits to the site, thus increasing loyalty and laying the groundwork for long term ad revenue growth.

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For more than 15 years, Bugaboo has inspired hundreds of thousands of parents to go out and explore the world with their children. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine walking down the street without seeing a sturdy and smart looking stroller. 

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Bugaboo is an example of a company which was enriched with easy-to-manage system planning IBM Cognos TM1
by which

  • reduced the budget planning process from months to weeks
  • reduced system vulnerability to errors
  • allowed top-down approval of the plans by each of the departments


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